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The Blue Sky Advantage:   One SIM, works everywhere

Regardless of where your business is located, where your customers travel – we have a solution for you. Our platform is infinitely customisable, localised the SIM for your specific customer demographic and sales channels.

Blue Sky uses an innovative GSM SIM card which incorporates multiple operator profiles and proprietary software. This allows optimisation of service (and rates) specific to the user’s location anywhere worldwide. We provide a selection of Standard, Micro and Nano SIMs that are compatible with almost all handsets including basic phones, Smartphones (Android or Apple) and tablets.Using their own (unlocked) handset, our users are still reachable on their known home-country mobile phone (which they will forward to a local DID which we can provide) with the option of assigning multiple local incoming numbers from 70+ countries. They also have have the ability to make Direct calls from over 50 countries.Furthermore, our SIMs are data enabled to allow users to access email, browser and other applications over the Internet. The SIM is also ideal for use with iPads and tablets while roaming.

SIM Features
Short-Codes, provide easy dialing
Voicemail (accessible by handset, email or customer portal)
Call Forwarding
Missed call notification
End of call, cost + balance notification
Automatic CLI (displays appropriate number)
Toll-Free Customer Service
VoIP Integration – use your Blue Sky account for low-cost international calls using WiFi – inbound calls ring both the mobile and the VoIP client.
Choice between Direct (50+ countries) or Callback dialing options
Auto-caller ID (present user home mobile number to call recipients)
Call Forwarding
Automatic top up option
Toll-Free Customer Service
VoIP Integration – use your Blue Sky account for super low-cost  international calls with access to Wi-Fi. Inbound calls ring both the mobile and the VoIP client (i.e. tablet or PC) in parallel.  Customer choose which device to answer.

200+ countries and over 400 networks View our coverage list.

Multiple IMSI’s
Menu-based profile selection, lets customers choose the optimised profile for their roaming location
Customers can choose between direct calling and call-back (cheaper) options
SIM’s available in all form factors (e.g. Standard, Micro and Nano)

End-User Convenience
Choice of permanent global number, home-country number, and add an international number (local where you travel)
Instant activation
One simple dialing format, to use everywhere
Localised dialing option

Online customer portal – view real time call detail, call charges, listen to voicemail
Automatic Recharge

Ability to add multiple DID’s
Tariffs built to suit your preferred currency
Multiple tariffs, promotion options
Push message notifications / alerts
Multi-lingual voice prompts

Excellent SLA, guarantees 99.95% uptime
State of the art NGN network, gives control / integration with  relevant services
Tier 1 routes, supporting CLI – means customers complaints of voice quality be dramatically reduced
We use G711 codecs, which provide higher level of quality superior to other roaming SIM providers in the market.  Our users connect first try, and experience less annoying echoes and call dropouts.

 Wholesale Rates
Our simplified competitive rates will allow you to sell rates which save 50%-70% over traditional roaming charges.  These savings go right to your customers bottom line.
What you see is what you get
Blue Sky prides itself on transparency, integrity of service.  There are no schemes, tricks or hidden costs! That’s our promise.
Prepay or Postpay billing options
Prepay or Postpay options also give you the flexibility to create a billing solution that meets the needs of your organisation.
Client Portal
Blue Sky’s web based Client Portal gives your Office Manager total control your company’s international mobile roaming service.