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The Elevator Pitch:

We can reduce your company’s telecom spend (significantly) and improve the service in the process.

We do this methodically:

analysing current spend, identifying usage patterns, managing an RFP process, negotiating a new contract, implementing new policies inside the organisation.
We are industry insiders – Blue Sky Telecom is an MVNO, as international cellular operator.
We have expert knowledge and proven methodology
Our case studies and references are at your disposal.
Enterprise Spend on communications – Cellular (domestic and roaming), MPLS, PBX, Conference Call facilities, IDD (international-direct-dial) – are often without ownership in the organisation.

IT provides it, sometimes IT procures it, but IT does not negotiate.
Procurement does not want to tackle IT about it.
Everybody needs it to work.
Nobody wants to own it.
The result: your telecom spend is much more than it should be.

Blue Sky Telecom = industry insiders.
We can decipher your invoice.
We deploy expert methodology; we take ownership of this process, on your behalf.
And – we bring down your telecom spend to an optimised level – such that delivers the same (or better) quality of service, at significantly lower cost.
You can set your expectations at 50% reduction, or more:

Our recent case studies:

USA: We reduced two-year contract (with AT&T) from $1,400,000 to $400,000.
Netherlands: We reduced 3-year contract spend from €1,011,364 to €391,412
Germany: We reduced two-year contract spend from €620,490 to €281,770


Establish goals, define the process.
Analysis of the organisation’s telecom expense structure.
Collect data and identify usage patterns (for example: 80% of cellular non-recurring expenses are usually generated by 20% of users, we identify those users).
Audit statements for overcharges and errors.
Analysis and assessment of the organisation’s existing contracts with relevant service providers.
Report interim findings.

Below are some of the specific parameters we examine:

Historical examination of all communication charges.
Review and analysis of rates, plans and costs in the existing agreement.
Testing costs and needs for terminal equipment.
Analysis of the commercial clauses in the agreement followed by comparative analysis of similar requirements by other providers in the market.
Feasibility study of alternative equipment.
Review of the technical and physical infrastructure in use and that of any alternative solutions, if beneficial.

Once our analysis and review is completed, we provide a quantitative analysis of the company’s communication expenditures and assess the potential for savings. This report details specific recommendations, including structuring a new RFP to suppliers, outlining our needs, challenging providers to meet our goals – and to compete with each other.

Finally, we present recommendations for the implementation of policies to help streamline and improve use of communication devices and services company-wide.

What we do is not standard. It is unique.

We have inside knowledge of the industry, worldwide.
We have intricate knowledge of vendors’ cost structure.
We know what can be negotiated on your behalf.
And we have the experience and expertise to recommend effective policies inside the organisation


A key element of the work we do is preparation and negotiation of contracts with key suppliers. This is an area that can provide tremendous cost savings.

We author the RFP and manage the bid process.

Preparing documents to go out to tender, including a legal and technical specifications (SLA / SOW)
Reference to and recommendations regarding expected changes in the communications market before and after the ultimate selection of the winning supplier.
Participation and planning for the RFP
Coordination of on-site meetings with suppliers.
Analyse proposals, present preliminary recommendations.
Communication with suppliers, as needed (both pre and post selection).
Full involvement in creating / executing a successor supplier agreement


Introduction call.
We get your top sheet numbers and learn about your current spend.
We will send you our commercial terms